KEW RECORD FAIR returns APRIL 30th…Stall Holder Bookings are happening Now!

Hi all, 
We have some exciting news!

The Kew Record Fair

Returns on Sunday, APRIL 30th

At the Kew Heights Sports Club

Stall Holder Bookings are happening Now!

You can book a table by clicking on the link bellow

Book Here

IMPORTANT: There are a limited number of stall holder tables available.

Booking A Stall

Please fill out the Booking form on their website.
Stall Holder Prices

  • One Table : $65
  • Two Tables : $130
  • Three Tables : $195
  • Four Tables : $260  
  • Half Table : $35

Table FAQ

            Tables are supplied by us and are included in the booking fee

  •   A standard table holds 10 Crates of Records
  •  Size of table: 1.8m X 75cm







Diggin’ Melbourne – The Record Lovers Store Tour Guide


Now featuring 51 Stores, Maps and Store listings.
Pick one up today and start Diggin’

Visit the website here:

Thanks for checking out Diggin’ Melbourne. The Diggin’ Melbourne Record Lovers Tour Guide features maps and detailed listings of specialist Vinyl Stockists in and around Melbourne. Whilst we’ve endeavoured to include every ‘Diggin’ Spot’, it’s impossible to list them all, and some remain secret!

The new 2011 Diggin’ Melbourne Map is bigger and better than our previous edition, and now features more than 50 listings of Melbourne’s infamous vinyl haunts and music emporiums. The Map is available FREE around Melbourne and can be found at record stores, cafes, cinemas, tourism offices and various other clandestine locations!

This website also features the the stores listings, downloadable PDF versions of the map and a few other treats for vinyl enthusiasts of Melbourne and around the world. Over the next 12 months we will be attempting to add some of the more notable new vinyl releases coming out of Melbourne (and Australia). Melbourne is renowned worldwide for its vibrant music and arts culture; we have a thriving funk + soul scene and Melbourne’s rock + dance culture speaks for itself. That means lots of records – funk 45s, punk 45s, disco joints, soul albums, jazz, experimental and more.

Why Vinyl?

Everyone knows that vinyl is still king. It sounds better, feels good and looks great. What’s more – lots of the music we love is still only available in this format, forever sounding the way musicians and producers intended it to sound when recording and manufacturing these amazing pieces of art! Vinyl – The classic collectable for music lovers.